Parenting with a tough cookie‼️

Ok! So who cares that you forgot to dress your child in their school Friday shirt or forgot to drop off your little girl at dance practice Saturday morning! All we know as parents is LIFE STILL MUST GO ON! We as parents still have our little ones depending on us. From cooking, laundry ( like who’s going to wash out those tough soccer stains!), cleaning ( ok, let’s not even talk about that!), reminding ( so ,my kids thinks I’m their personal Alexa! ) and just ripping and running, day and night. From sick days to happy days. We are Mom! You know what ladies? Even in the mist of all the chaos . Even when you receive a call from the principal’s office about your little one saying a bad word, to fussing because someone moved your phone chargers, and to changing your babies diaper back to back. We have to stop and pause and enjoy every moment with our babies. At the end of the day we all have different challenges that affect each and everyone of us differently. We all feel at times we want to just go over our breaking points.We have to admit , girl, you are one tough cookie!! We are holding this thing called parenting down!



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m V! I’m a Southern gal!With a Southern hospitality!I stay in Daphne, Alabama to be exact! With a steaming HOT husband (Joshua) and 4 beautiful children!My life can be very hectic!What better way than to start a blog!right?(Thank you sister Nikki!) Man oh man! I’m so excited to start my very first blog!!!!Grab a cup of coffee, water, or wine. Come on over here! Let’s talk a bit. Girl friend, let me tell you. I love to talk on topics like family ,lifestyles,cooking,cleaning,relationships,books,gardening, life events and ME TIME! If you LOVE topics like that, Than we will get along just fine.Sit back and take several sips as we let the fun began!